• Where do my guests watch the live stream?

    You will be sent a link to a personalised page that you can share with your guests before the event. This page can be password protected to restrict viewing if required. Private events will not be displayed on our events calendar . Once logged in, a custom guestbook feature enables guests to interact with each other and send messages to in-person attendees. The page also displays our support hotline number and optional links to alternative streaming platforms.

  • Why don’t you use Zoom for all your events?

    Zoom is designed specifically for online meetings and webinars. When the occasion calls for us to use the service, we do, but most of the time there are better options for live streaming. We have better control over sound settings, resolution, encryption, and image quality using other services. What’s more, unlike Zoom, we build in a buffer so that if there are network issues, those watching at home don’t experience any interruptions.

  • What other platforms do you use?

    We use YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Vimeo and more, depending on the specific needs of our clients and event requirements. Your alternative streaming options will be linked to your personalised event page so that your guests have easy access and can select the platform that works best for them.

  • Do you stream in high-definition/1080p?

    We use top-of-the-range broadcasting equipment to maintain quality. It’s important to note, however, that this level of quality is not guaranteed. Continuity is essential when it comes to a live stream, so we may reduce video quality if we are concerned about potential disruptions. The strength of your internet connection may also impact the quality. Since most viewers will be using mobile devices or laptops, a dip in resolution will generally not impact the viewing experience.

  • What happens if the internet goes down?

    Much like the Scouts, we are prepared for anything! We arrive at every event with multiple SIM cards and routers to ensure a constant connection throughout.

  • What happens if there’s a power outage?

    We build an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) into our setup to prevent your guests from missing any part of your event should there be a power failure.

  • Some of my viewers cannot see the video or the video keeps dropping. What should I do?

    We do everything we can to ensure that everyone has a seamless experience, including live monitoring of every stream. Unfortunately, there will always be some variables outside of our control. At any point in the stream, viewers can call our dedicated support line +27 (0) 10 040 0000 for technical assistance.

  • Can I watch the live stream event again at a later date?

    Our events are automatically recorded in high-definition while they’re being streamed and will remain accessible via your personal event link. A copy of the video can also be made available for download if requested.

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